Healthy Snacking

Why you should choose MySnack crisps (explained by nutritionist)
MySnack crisps, full of health, are a perfect and wholesome snack for all of us. They are a very good alternative to traditional sweets that often contain too much sugar. MySnack crisps are high in nutritional value, and made of high-quality and tested raw materials.
In fact, snacks are just as important to us as the main meals. From each bite your body receives fuel for further functioning. Thus, it is particularly important to provide a growing organism with valuable nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. They contribute to the structure of the body while keeping you healthy and viable. The body itself does not produce minerals, so they all need to come from our food. The main sources of vitamins and minerals are fruits and vegetables. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals generally do not find their way into the menu of children by chance, and they tend to not always be their first choice.
Since these products are made by freeze-drying, much of the vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables are preserved.

MySnack products are rich in various vitamins, including vitamins A and C, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. The crisps are also rich in fibres.
For example, dried pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which is useful to facilitate digestion and has the effect of relieving inflammation. Vegetable crisps, however, contain folic acid, which is imperative to the brain and nervous system development.
Since children have a sweet tooth for all MySnack crisps, offering these treats is a perfect opportunity to stock them up on vitamins and minerals. It is particularly clever to offer the crisps to those children, and of course adults, who are otherwise not too fond of fruits and vegetables. By eating MySnack crisps they satisfy a good share of their vitamin needs.
At birthdays and celebrations these crisps could serve as a viable alternative to the usual choice of potato chips, which are commonly full of flavour enhancers and are therefore not the best choice to support the body.
You can slip packages of MySnack also into your children’s bags for them to have a bite at school, at a hike or after a training session. Rest assured that a full pack will never make it back to your home, unless it is lost at the bottom of the bag between other things!

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